Creating cosmetics with only what is truly necessary, pleasing to the body, is our goal.

A natural high-performance skincare product that leverages the patented technology of AURA TEC, which has a track record of providing technical support to universities and companies, using carefully selected plant materials from various regions in Kyushu, where you can see the faces of the producers.

AURA TEC Co., Ltd. is a dedicated manufacturer of micro-nano bubbles with 27 patents both in Japan and overseas. Leveraging their extensive research and development in micro-nano bubble technology, they successfully developed a technique in 2011 to stably mix water and oil without the use of emulsifiers. They released 'Tsubaki Nano,' a hair care lotion that allows for long-term preservation without the use of preservatives.
In 2023, harnessing AURATEC's technology, they created 'TSUBAKI NANO FLORAL,' an ethical cosmetic that is kind to both the skin and the environment, which is formulated with 'Vetiver Distilled Water' without using any 'water,' the most commonly used ingredient in regular cosmetics. It was adopted as an amenity at The Ritz-Carlton Fukuoka. We will deliver cosmetics with a 100% natural origin index to accompany your daily life filled with smiles.

*The natural origin index is in accordance with the international standard ISO 16128, and it is not based on the manufacturer's individual criteria but quantifies the percentage of natural origin ingredients in the product according to globally recognized rules. The guidelines were established by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association in 2018.

The pure water of Yame, Fukuoka, and the gift of the earth, Vetiver.

Vetiver is a plant native to India and belongs to the grass family. It has strong and rapidly growing roots and leaves, especially during the summer. The distillation of Vetiver roots is done meticulously using the underground springwater from Mount Tobikata in Yame. This distillation water has a deep earthy aroma.
While conventional cosmetics use "distilled water," all products in "TUBAKI NANO FLORAL" are generously enriched with Vetiver root water. Collaborative research with Kyushu University has confirmed its anti-inflammatory effects.

Producer profile: Eri Katayama

Eri Katayama was born and raised in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. She has a strong foundation in herbal medicine, which she practices daily, focusing on maintaining her family's health and preventing illnesses.
Currently, in Japan, only Eri Katayama produces domestically sourced Vetiver water in Yame. Since 2013, she, along with her family and relatives, has been involved in the entire process, from soil cultivation to distillation and product formulation, supplying medical institutions, cosmetic manufacturers, and care centers.

Sacrum derived from Suizenji nori seaweed (Fucus Vesiculosus) .

Vitamins and minerals-rich Suizenjinori seaweed exclusively grows in Kogane River in Asakura City, Fukuoka. Sacrum derived from this Suizenji nori seaweed (Fucus Vesiculosus) is a miraculous supermolecular polysaccharide known for its outstanding moisturizing properties. It is said to have approximately six times the hydrating capacity compared to conventional hyaluronic acid. It is believed that Sacrum aggregates can create a net-like barrier on the skin's surface, protecting it from external irritants and allergens. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory effects, which can reduce redness and improve skin conditions, including skin irritation.

Plenty of natural blessings from tea seed oil and camellia oil.

The well-maintained tea fields, where care is taken to ensure the quality of tea leaves, are pruned to prevent flowering. Afterward, in tea fields that have completed tea leaf production, white flowers bloom in the autumn, and they bear fruit. These tea fruits were meticulously hand-picked and sun-dried. Following this, the shells of the tea fruits are removed, and then cold-pressed to obtain tea seed oil. This oil is rich in components like Vitamin E and oleic acid, making it highly beneficial for skincare. Camellia oil is a pure, cold-pressed oil derived from the wild camellia plants native to Kakarajima, an island in the Genkai Sea off Saga Prefecture.

Neroli water derived from oranges in Nagasaki.

The Neroli water (orange blossom water) from Nagasaki's organic JAS-certified fruit orchard, Yamanobekaju-en, is obtained through steam distillation of the orange blossoms. Neroli is said to be a natural mood stabilizer, helping to calm and soothe the mind. This floral water is known for its moisturizing and skin toning properties.

We have formulated it with the concept of "perfume-quality cosmetics" in mind for fragrance.

The fragrance of "TUBAKI NANO FLORAL" is crafted using only natural essential oils. With fragrances for cleansing, skin cream, body cream, and bath salts, it's designed to soothe your heart. We constantly research fragrances from all over the world and create elegant, luxurious scents by perfuming with high-quality ingredients that are not commonly used. Please enjoy the harmonious scents made from only natural essential oils for each product.

Perfumer profile : Yuya Noguchi

In 2020, he founded his own fragrance brand, "Tiphereth," using exclusively rare natural fragrances. He continues to research scents from rare plants around the world and oversees the entire process, from cultivation to distillation to fragrance blending. Currently, he also works on scents for luxury hotels' amenities and various corporate cosmetic products. In addition to his fragrance work, he conducts fragrance courses and classes on Qi Gong breathing techniques in various locations.