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It cleans thoroughly while maintaining moisture.



  • We've included bentonite clay to absorb and remove excess sebum.
  • Natural ingredients derived from yuzu fruit peel water and pine tree sap effectively remove makeup and dirt while providing hydration.
  • Camellia oil and squalane preserve the essential moisture your skin needs.
  • The soft texture reduces friction on the skin during application.
  • After opening the package, please use it within approximately 2 months.

Take an appropriate amount on clean hands, start by applying it to the forehead and nose, then gently massage it onto the cheeks.

Be especially gentle and thorough when massaging the cleansing product onto delicate areas around the eyes and mouth.

After use, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Ensure there are no residues left, especially along the temples, hairline, and jawline.

  • Yuzu Fruit Peel Water: produced in Osaka

    This is the peel water of fresh yuzu fruit from Minoh
  • Thioctic Acid K, Tallamide DEA : produced in U.S

    This is the natural cleansing agent derived from pine tree sap.
  • Roots of vetiver, kudzu (flower, leaves, stems) water : produced in Fukuoka

    The distillate water from vetiver roots, abundant in the natural surroundings of Yame, is known for its earthy scent. It moisturizes and soothes the skin.
  • Squalane : produced in Japan

    Precious olive squalane, which makes up only about 0.5% of olive oil, provides moisture to the skin and helps maintain a balanced complexion.
  • Bentonite : produced in Japan

    Bentonite, by absorbing old skin cells on the surface of the skin and dirt within the pores, leads to beautiful skin.
  • Camellia Seed Oil : produced in Saga

    Camellia oil, which is less prone to oxidation and rancidity and has good skin compatibility, helps maintain skin moisture and softness.
  • Lime Oil, Boswellia Sacra Oil, Cypress Leaf Oil, Fragrance (Natural Essential Oils)

    It has a refreshing green citrus fragrance that evokes the sense of fresh greenery.
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