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Wrap your skin in a veil of moisture for a soft and supple complexion.



  • The Vetiver water from betel leaves and kudzu flowers, which tend to naturally separate, along with tea seed oil and camellia oil. Through patented technology, nano-sized components stably blend and penetrate into the stratum corneum, providing moisture to the skin.
  • The moisturizing ingredient derived from seaweed, 'Sakuran,' possesses superior moisturizing power compared to hyaluronic acid and provides moisture to the skin.
  • It helps maintain the proper balance of skin oils, preserving healthy skin.
  • It offers a non-greasy, refreshing feel without any stickiness.
  • After opening the package, please use it within approximately 2 months.

Spray over your entire face after washing.

Take some Skin Lotion into your hands and gently press it onto your skin to enhance absorption.

You can also use it over your makeup when you're concerned about skin dryness.

  • Roots of vetiver, kudzu (flower, leaves, stems) water : produced in Fukuoka

    The distillate water from vetiver roots and kudzu plants, abundant in the natural surroundings of Yame, is known for its high moisturizing properties and the deep earthy scent it carries.
  • Orange Blossom Water: Produced in Nagasaki

    This is a floral water infused with the scent of orange blossoms. Its mild fragrance brings a soothing effect. It can be expected to help combat sagging due to aging, thanks to its moisturizing and skin-tightening properties.
  • Camellia Seed Oil, Tea Seed Oil: Produced in Saga

    This is a highly moisturizing pure oil, cold-pressed for its natural properties. It contains unsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid and linoleic acid, which offer excellent compatibility with the skin and high oxidative stability. This helps maintain skin moisture and softness.
  • Suizenji nori seaweed (Fucus Vesiculosus) polysaccharide : Produced in Fukuoka

    The high-molecular-weight components create a barrier on the skin's surface, preventing moisture from evaporating. It has approximately 6 times the moisturizing power compared to hyaluronic acid.
  • Kusunoki (Cypress) Leaf Oil: Produced in Kagoshima

    It is a fragrant plant from the cypress family that contains the aromatic compound, linalool. It exudes a scent reminiscent of sweet, fresh greenery.
  • Glycerin : produced in Japan

    We use plant-derived, highly moisturizing 'natural glycerin' as a raw material.
  • Nigari

    Nigari, naturally crystallized magnesium chloride from the Tibetan Plateau at an elevation of 3,800 meters, is characterized by its low impurity content and abundant minerals and nutrients. It provides moisture to the skin.
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